Philosophy of Cooking

Author: Ben Greene

I take a different approach to how I cook (and consequently, make my recipes). I believe cooking is an art. Everyone likes things different, everyone has different taste (see, even the phrase for describing that different people like different things is based off of eating). And because I view cooking as an art, I see recipes as being fluid and more like a guideline or base line. I don’t measure anything (unless I’m baking). Taste is so relative, so I don’t like tying myself or other people down to specifics.

When you read my recipes, you’ll see that reflected in the recipe. I may put something along the lines of “one part orange juice, one part soy sauce” or “lot’s of cardamom” . That’s my way of showing what I’m doing on a broad level. Because I realize that recipes do need some ingredients to be more or less prevalent, but I want people to cook to their tastes. Want a stronger cardamom flavor than other people? I do.

So take these recipes and put your own spin on it! Let me know what you think of them, and share them with friends!